Peggy Shepard And Her Impact On Environmental Justice

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Peggy Shepard 2020
This Women’s History Month Alternative Energy Resources is honoring women who stand up for the environment.

Peggy Shepard has been a leader in the fight for environmental justice for over two decades. As co-founder of WE ACT for Environmental Justice, she has worked tirelessly to engage Manhattan residents in community-based planning to address environmental protection and health policy locally and nationally. Through her work, Shepard has helped to bring about significant change in the way we think about and address environmental issues. For example, under her leadership, WE ACT was instrumental in getting the City of New York to adopt one of the nation’s first recycling laws. Today, Shepard continues to be a powerful voice in the fight for social and environmental justice. With her commitment and passion, she is sure to continue making a positive impact on the world around us.

Who is Peggy Shepard and what is her background story?

Peggy Shepard is a passionate environmental activist and co-founder of WE ACT for Environmental Justice. By engaging Manhattan residents in community-based planning, Peggy has worked to mitigate environmental damage and achieve exceptional environmental protection health policies with national influence. Her pioneering efforts have sustained activist factions across the country since 1988 and her environment protection initiatives have been cited as examples of successful change. In spite of the obstacles she faced, her long journey towards achieving equitable environmental protection illustrates the power that collective action has to create real and lasting change.

What is WE ACT for Environmental Justice, and what are its goals?

WE ACT for Environmental Justice is an organization focused on creating opportunities for environment-focused change at both a local and national level. Founded by Peggy Shepard, its mission is to ensure that every person has an equitable stake in environmental protection and health policy. Since its creation in 1988, WE ACT has worked to unite communities across Manhattan and engage citizens on the issues that are impacting their environment. Through its grassroots efforts, it has offered initiatives such as various environment-focused education programs, research initiatives, and advocacy campaigns to strive towards the mission of environmental justice for all.

How has Shepard helped to achieve these goals through her work with the organization?

Peggy Shepard has been at the forefront of environmental justice for 3 decades as co-founder of WE ACT for Environmental Justice. Her invaluable contributions have helped create a platform to express community voices and advance environmental protection efforts regionally, nationally and even internationally. She has provided support in the form of research, organizing, policy analysis and activism to empower local communities working to build environmental health solutions by understanding their environment while forming coalitions that fight against institutionalized injustice. Through her work with the organization WE ACT, Shepard has helped to achieve unmatched success in promoting environmental awareness and safety through grassroots environmental initiatives.

What impact has Shepard had on the environmental justice movement more broadly speaking?

Peggy Shepard is a true champion of environmental justice causes. As the co-founder of WE ACT for Environmental Justice, she works diligently to engage Manhattan residents in enacting community-based plans that seek to tackle environmental protection and health policies both on the local and national levels. Her efforts have had a major impact on the environmental justice movement as a whole, helping drive solutions that support environmental health and shape meaningful public policy. It’s clear that her hard work has been essential in advancing environmental justice on many fronts.

What challenges does Shepard see for the future of environmental justice, and how can we overcome them together as a community?

Peggy Shepard has been one of the most influential figures in environmental justice for over 25 years. She co-founded WE ACT for Environmental Justice, a groundbreaking community-based organization that pushes for environmental protection and health policy initiatives at the local and national levels. As the environment continues to be a pressing issue facing communities worldwide, Shepard emphasizes the importance of unifying our efforts to ensure sustainable outcomes. Without collaboration among citizens and government, Shepard believes it’s hard to make any measurable progress in mitigating climate change and protecting our environment. Overcoming these challenges requires dedication from each individual, along with collective action amongst like-minded organizations so we can tackle larger issues that may seem impossible to conquer on our own. It is up to us as a community to come together and work towards protecting our environment for generations to come.


Peggy Shepard’s story is truly inspiring and shows us how a single person has the power to create real change. Through her co-founding of WE ACT for Environmental Justice and her long-term commitment to engaging community members in environmental protection and health policy, she has impacted a wide variety of lives. Her work has extended beyond the local community – Shepard’s efforts have helped shape the environmental justice movement more broadly as well. Despite all of her successes, there are still challenges ahead. Moving forward, we must come together and focus on finding solutions that will protect our environment and our communities for generations to come. In her own words, “It’s never too late to start caring about your environment and those around you.” We must take Peggy Shepard’s message to heart everywhere and take action now. Let us use this moment to seize the opportunity and make history today. Let us inspire others with what we can achieve when we work together towards a common goal: creating a healthier, more sustainable future for all!

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