Can’t Wait for the Tesla Cybertruck!

James FrancoisElectric Cars, EnvironmentLeave a Comment

Electric trucks are here and they are crashing the SUV market. My personal favorite EV truck is the Tesla Cybertruck coming out at the end of this year. Not only does this truck have a beautiful unique stainless steel exterior finish but the performance is immaculate. After the Tesla Cyber Truck dragged Fords F150 like a mom dragging their kid out of a carnival, Ford has now built a electric version, the F150 Lighting, to gain its street cred back, but in my opinion it still doesn’t match the bullet proof exterior, 500 mile range, and futurist look the Cyber Truck has to offer. The best part about this great pick up is that it’s also will have $40,000 options witch will make this monster of a truck affordable.

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